To date, this Ad has been one of the most fun ones to work on. I love how the music direction called for Electro-Swing, a genre which integrates both the vintage 30s and the modern electronic sound, an also how fresh and vibrant the ad concept was. 

Had a great time working together with the agency team on this project. 

As a Singaporean, I grew up in a multicultural society where interactions with people of other ethnicities and races were commonplace. Hence, it was interesting when I was asked to work on an advert showcasing the beauties of the Ramadan (the muslim fasting period). 

Being a chinese, I really wanted to compose a piece of music that was able to capture the spirit and life of Ramadan without being too overly ‘try-hard’. I hope that this piece of music does it justice and helps bring the practices and culture of the muslim religion to life!


I had a lot of fun working on this project with the production agency, and I especially loved the cinematography for this particular project. As an avid reader, I love how they made the library come alive! After working on this project, I felt like I definitely would have to visit the library @ Orchard Gateway to have a quick look!


Despite the scandal surrounding Johnson & Johnson in recent years, I very much like the narrative of this ad. Kudos to the creative team that was in charge of creating this ad! It is so indicative of many of the lives of women and wives in South East Asia, who love their children to the point that they would sacrifice their time with their children to provide for them.

I’ve been working with Chris Chang Photography on a couple of projects recently and this particular one was fun to work with as I am acquainted with the couple. Writing an original song dedicated to their love story and editing their wedding video was a really enjoyable and hands on experience. I even helped the bride-to-be with her makeup and hair for this video!

Recently, I was very privileged to have been shortlisted to compose a track for Dove’s latest beauty campaign. In this campaign, Dove debunks the myth of the universal beauty and shows us that; while there is no such as a universal beauty, real beauty, as described by the campaign slogan,can be universal.

I’ve been working as a musician for a couple of years, and to me, this symbolises a big breakthrough in how far I’ve come as a musician, especially in the area of composition and production. I’m grateful for the opportunities given and glad that I’m improving. 

For those who are new to this industry and dealing with feelings of self-doubt, I’d like to encourage you that if you continue to persevere and practice, you will definitely get better and improve. Just keep working on your craft. I still feel I have so much more to learn in terms of production. But I will just keep looking forward and getting better. Things do get better.


The developer I’m working with for audio and sound design has recently released their first puzzle game ‘Kutsuki Puzzle Piko’ in Japan this year! You can find it on the android appstore and it will be up on Itunes playstore shortly.

Click here to check out the game’s official website and preview the trailer, and here to preview the audio showreel of the game!

*Update: Dreamrocket has since closed down dating October 2016. Their content can no longer be accessed online. However you may still listen to the Dreamrocket audio showreel here.