First Love can be a quirky affair

Love is patient…Love is Kind…Love Suffers Long…Love is not selfish…Love lasts Forever

A descriptive passage of the greatest love story to ever befall mankind

A short simple track evoking nostalgic memories

A short simple nostalgic track about childhood love

The meeting of two star crossed lovers

Does looking into the mirror frighten you? Is there a monster or is the monster you?

writing a song is like throwing tons of paper into a black garbage bag

What if creativity was a fickle lover?

A true story about toxic work relationships in my past

A song about innoncence, hope and childhood – Winning entry for Singapore Kindness Movement Songwriting Competition 2014

What lies do you spin when you wake up at 4am?

Sometimes your biggest enemy is the person within

If the darkness meant being able to see you again, may this night never end

The song of awakening – One cannot remain in darkness forever

A story of a very strange dream